The MAMM stamp was conceived to register and disseminate productions related to the life and work of the poet Murilo Mendes, as well as reflections presented in the context of seminars, research, testimonials and exhibitions held at the museum. The publishing project has been successful since its first initiative. In 2010, the book Ismael Nery e Murilo Mendes: reflexos (Ismael Nery and Murilo Mendes: Reflections) was nominated for the Jabuti Prize in the Theory/Literary category.

DAIBERT, Arlindo; GUIMARÃES, Júlio Castañon; POLITO, Ronald (org). Diário: excertos. Juiz de Fora: UFJF/MAMM, 2018. 303p. il.

Este livro reúne excertos do diário que Arlindo Daibert (1952-1993) escreveu entre 1973 e 1993. Do conjunto das anotações foram selecionadas as que se referem tanto a seu processo de criação quanto às artes em geral, em particular as artes plásticas e a literatura. Considerado um dos mais importantes artistas de sua geração, essas anotações são valiosas para os estudiosos de sua obra variada, em que as relações entre texto e imagem sobressaem entre os problemas que investigou. Somam-se, assim, aos textos do autor publicados em Caderno de escritos (1995), a seus depoimentos no livro Arlindo Daibert: depoimentos (2000) e ao volume Arlindo Daibert: fortuna crítica (2011), permitindo a ampliação das conexões entre a obra, as avaliações do autor e as de sua recepção crítica.

NEVES, José Alberto Pinho… [ et al.] (Org.). Lúcio Cardoso: a escrita sem limites. Juiz de Fora: MAMM/UFJF, 2016.

Collection of articles presented at the Seminar on Lúcio Cardoso: time to remember and time to understand (Seminário Lúcio Cardoso: tempo de lembrar e tempo de entender), held in November 2012, celebration year of the centenary of the writer’s birth, in a partnership signed between the Graduate Program – Master in Literature, of the Juiz de Fora Higher Education Center (CES/JF) and Murilo Mendes Art Museum (MAMM).

GOLDBERG, Guilherme, SANTOS, Luis Otávio de Souza e VALVERDE, Rodolfo (Org. intertextualidades: fronteiras entre o sacro e o profano na música do Brasil colonial e Imperial. Anais IX Encontro de Musicologia Histórica Juiz de Fora: UFJF/MAMM, 2014.

“[…] The format established for the IX Meeting of Historical Musicology sought to bring over researchers of important contribution in historical musicology, whose approaches present an intertextual view.”

AMOROSO, Maria Betânia. Murilo Mendes: o poeta brasileiro em Roma. São Paulo/SP: Editora Unesp; Juiz de Fora/MF: Museu de Arte Murilo Mendes, 2013.

“This book was born out of a long research, conducted in Italy for the most part, for a period of time from approximately 2001 to 2009. It all revolved around the figure of Murilo Mendes and the reading of his work by critics, casual readers and Italian journalists. It was made in libraries and archives, where the traces of Murilo were recorded in writing or remembered in conversations and interviews with people – the few still alive – close to the poet during his stay in Rome from 1957 to 1975. […] The first textual version of this book was presented as a thesis.”

NEVES, José Alberto Pinho. Murilo Mendes: reflexões avulsas. Juiz de Fora: UFJF/MAMM, 2012.

“The ‘Murilo Mendes: individual reflections’ (Murilo Mendes: reflexões avulsas) seminar, through its lecturers, sought precisely, as a whole, to absorb the poet’s polyhedral essence, for his “gift of assimilating and fusing disparate elements”, generating this book with studies of competent researchers of the University of São Paulo (USP), the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), the Santo André Foundation College (FSA), Higher Education Center (CES-JF) and the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF).”

LULA, Darlan de Oliveira Gusmão e NEVES, José Alberto Pinho. Murilo Mendes: retratos relâmpagos. Juiz de Fora: UFJF/MAMM, 2012.

“… MAMM, respecting its institutional mission to propagate and think about the work of the poet Murilo Mendes for educational and academic knowledge, offers to the public the book Murilo Mendes: lightning portraits (Murilo Mendes: retratos relâmpagos), the result of a seminar held on 24th and 25th of May 2011. The title’s reference to one of the writer’s works, in which we can perceive his multifaceted verve of human influence, with a critical and polyhedral look before the world, intends to draw a profile of what the reader will find in this work, in which researchers from PUC-RIO, UNICAMP, UFJF, USP are gathered, and seeks to explore a self-portrayed Murilo diluted in his poetics and his lightning portraits of personalities, “kodaked” by the poet, that competed for the development of Culture, History and Philosophy.”

JARDIM, Rachel. Num reino à beira rio. Rio de Janeiro: José Olympio; Juiz de Fora: UFJF/MAMM, 2012.

“Heir to a notebook gathering several poets selected by Murilo Mendes, her mother’s friend, Rachel Jardim presents us the book ‘In a kingdom on the waterfront’ (Num reino à beira rio), an anthology divided into three parts: a memorialistic report that walks through times and spaces of a former Juiz de Fora; the facsimiles of the poems transcribed by Murilo Mendes; and the critical analysis of these poems, common brief profile of each poet, made by Alexei Bueno. ”

JARDIM, Rachel e BETTENCOURT, Lúcia. Erratas pensantes. Juiz de Fora: Ed. UFJF/MAMM, 2012.

“’Erratas pensantes’ (‘Thinking Erratas’) seeks to unveil in Machadian and Proustian plots, in addition to the kinship relations between them, what the authors recognize as the revelation of what fed the writing of these authors, that is, the conception of the human psyche as  fragmented, plural and sustained by memory condition. The authors, by pointing out in these works the fragmentation of the self and the fundamental function of memory, always crowned with affections, confirm the Freudian inspiration according to which we, as humans, are made of affections.”

NEVES, José Alberto Pinho e NOGUEIRA, Nícea Helena. (Org.) ROSA, João Guimarães. Juiz de Fora: Ed. UFJF/MAMM, 2012.

This book is the result of the ROSA, João Guimarães seminar, held in November 2008 at the Murilo Mendes Art Museum, the writer’s centenary year, in which the articles presented capture the work of João Guimarães Rosa, under unseen angles.

LULA, Darlan de Oliveira Gusmão (Org.). Machado de Assis: atemporal. Juiz de Fora: Ed. UFJF/MAMM, 2012.

“The result of a cycle of debates promoted by the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, through the Pro-Rectorate of Culture and the Murilo Mendes Art Museum, on September 29th and 30th, 2008, exactly one hundred years after the death of the author, this book brings together a set of texts on the work of Machado de Assis (1839-1908), considered one of the greatest writers of Brazilian literature. The studies seek to investigate and discuss the most relevant topics in the Machadian literary criticism of contemporaneity, tracing a course of intense reflection and production of reference material necessary to the researchers of the work of the ‘Bruxo do Cosme Velho’ (‘The Warlock from Cosme Velho’).

DAIBERT JR., Robert e PEREIRA, Edmilson de Almeida (Org.) No berço da noite: religião e arte em encenações de subjetividade. Juiz de Fora: MAMM Ed., 2012.

“This volume covers the areas of Anthropology, Science of Religion, Education, History, Literature and Sociology. […] The articles deal with the relationships between the personal life and the social practices of expressive names of Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian culture. Expressive, above all, for the actions they have taken in their context, questioning instituted values and proposing new forms of coexistence among the different cultural segments of Brazilian society. The trajectories focused on by the analysts re-enact, in the scope of artistic and religious experiences, the traumas of the slave heritage, at the same time that they point out strategies for its overcoming.”

GUIMARÃES, Júlio Castañon.  Arlindo Daibert: fortuna crítica. Juiz de Fora: UFJF/MAMM; Rio de Janeiro: Casa de Rui Barbosa, 2011.

“This book brings together a set of texts on the work of Arlindo Daibert (1952-1993), considered one of the most important plastic artists of his generation. There are texts written by several critics […]. Some were published in the press during the artist’s various exhibitions, others were part of exhibition catalogs and others are, finally, academic studies that reveal the extent to which his work has reached, constituting today the study object of several university works. Viable thanks to a fruitful collaboration between the Federal University of Juiz de Fora and the Rui Barbosa’s House Foundation, this book aims to present a representative selection of the most substantial works written on Arlindo Daibert, in order to contribute to the knowledge of his work, making available to the scholars and interested parties a material that is dispersed among publications not always easily accessible.”

NEVES, José Alberto Pinho e NOGUEIRA, Nícea Helena (Org.). Euclides da Cunha, cem anos sem. Juiz de Fora: UFJF/MAMM, 2011.

“One hundred years after the death of the author of ‘The Backlands’ (Os Sertões), the Murilo Mendes Art Museum organized a tribute to the sociologist, engineer, journalist and historian – among other occupations that he held – in partnership with the Juiz de Fora Higher Education Center and supported by the Research Support Foundation of the State of Minas Gerais and received, on November th, 26 and 27th, 2009, researchers from Brazilian institutions dedicated to the study of the author’s questions at the Euclides da Cunha, a hundred years without Seminary.

BARBOSA, Leila Maria Fonseca e RODRIGUES, Marisa Timponi Pereira. Ismael Nery e Murilo Mendes: reflexos. Juiz de Fora: UFJF/MAMM, 2009.

“Ismael Nery e Murilo Mendes: reflexos (‘Ismael Nery and Murilo Mendes: Reflections’) proposes to present all the reference to Ismael Nery collected in the work of Murilo Mendes – including his books of criticism, magazines, newspapers and poems, as well as the ismaelina production about Murilo Mendes. Ismael Nery, the ‘Magnetic Entity’ that takes place in a show and seduces men and angels, is the friend who Murilo Mendes chooses as a spokesperson, recording registering the aesthetic theories, the world view and the intellectual exuberance of this multiple entity: poet, philosopher, painter, draftsman, architect, dancer and theologian. ”


Initiative of the Pro-Rectory of Culture of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, the Open Dialogues project, focused on the memory of Juiz de Fora, began in 2007, based on interviews given to researchers by personalities who contributed to transform the cultural, economic, social and political panorama of the city of Pedro Nava.

Idealized and coordinated by Professor José Alberto Pinho Neves, from the UFJF Institute of Arts and Design, this series of testimonials recorded at the Murilo Mendes Art Museum (MAMM) resulted in books – editorial coordination carried out by journalist Katia Dias, the graphic design project by the designer Nathália Duque, the photographic documentation by Alexandre Dornelas and the textual revision by Ronald Polito -, published by the MAMM/UFJF stamp, distributed to the public and to libraries, becoming an invaluable source of research destined to the academic community and the society. Open Dialogues aims to rescue and preserve the history of these notorious men and women, so that the next generations will know the facts and the actors that took part in the facts, elevating the municipality of Juiz de Fora to relevant levels in the national and, sometimes, international scenario.

Aiming a greater reach, the edited books are now available on the MAMM website through the images below.