Cultural Diffusion

The Cultural Diffusion Sector is responsible for: the implementation of cultural projects that give visibility to the MAMM’s collection; promotion and management of the exchanges with other institutions regarding educational action; helping the collection of resources destined to the cultural actions idealized by the museum; assisting in the production, planning and organization of cultural events promoted and / or supported by the museum; promotion of educational actions through courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, shows and guided visits.

Educational Division

The Educational Division understands the Murilo Mendes Art Museum (MAMM) as a creator of a critical public that consumes culture and arts, and as an environment that stimulates artistic production and research. It is up to the division to present MAMM as a space destined not only for visitation, but also for learning and the diffusion of knowledge that is not restricted to literature and visual arts, the main conceptual foundations of the museum. Therefore, the main focus of the division is the specialized service to the public, which includes mediated visits, courses and cultural educational actions.