The Paper Conservation and Restoration Laboratory and the Laboratory for the Conservation and Restoration of Painting and Sculpture have as main objective the formulation of policies for the preservation of the bibliographical, documentary and artistic collections allocated to Murilo Mendes Art Museum. Using technical procedures and scientific methodology, the Laboratories promote measures aimed at stabilizing the process of deterioration of the collections, extending the useful life and quality of access to the information inherent to the institution’s cultural assets. The laboratories have facilities and technical equipment applied to the conservation and restoration processes such as: diagnosis, sanitation, chemical treatment, support reconstitution, esthetic reintegration and technical conditioning. They carry out Preventive Conservation actions, improving the conditions of handling, use, techniques of exhibition of collections and storage of the collection in Technical Reserve. They develop professional training programs offering supervised internships to UFJF scholars, as well as providing services for public and private collections. The professional team of the Laboratories is kept up to date with the ethical, aesthetic and scientific criteria in the field of Science of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods through work, research, participation in courses, congresses and other events in the technical area.